King Ent Double Dip

The Royal Family The World Ain't Enough
(2002, King's Ent.) @ 320 kbps [side A, side B]

Hotboy Ronald Walk Like Ronald
(2002, King's Ent.) @ 320 kbps [side A, side B]

Alright yall, two King's Ent. full lengths and the inauguration of this blog's password, which is the same name as the blog itself and shouldn't really give anyone a headache even though I'm sure it will. Maybe its like blowjob prophylactics, taking safety measures too far, but if you can't pause to figure out what you're grabbing and where it came from its time to slow your hoarding roll.

Somehow there is a Michael Jackson jam on each of these discs and I'm not lying when I say that The World Ain't Enough version of "Shake Your Body Down To the Ground" was the first one I heard. Neither "Shake it Down" nor Ronald's take on "Don't Stop (Till You Get Enough)" stand too tall next the originals, but they do illustrate the just-having-a-good-time element of N.O. Bounce. I do like Soulja Slim's "Straight 2 the Dancefloor", though, which borrows "Don't Stop" elements...

Both discs are mixed affairs, but Walk Like Ronald's title track is a bounce classic and there's plenty of gems scattered about.


Anonymous said...

i've tried every password i can think of

no form of twankle and glisten works...

a lil help?

kid slizzard said...

cut and paste the following text NO SPACES:


if that doesn't work, try to forget you ever saw this sad dead-end blog post, pick up the pieces and move on..


Anonymous said...

thanx-a-lot for your work on this blog! but can u please re-up Hot Boy Ronald "Walk Like Ronald" B-Side archive. Thanx again.

MF Sleem.

AK DA DEMON said...

please re up ROYAL FAMILY thank you :)