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DJ Slugo Born Ghetto - From My Hood To Your Hood
(2001, Databass) @ 320 kbps

Pop It Off Boyz Crank Dat Batman
(A capella, Instrumental) @ 320 kbps

I suppose regional styles spread swiftly in the new century, allowing Carbondale's Pop It Off Boyz to somehow cop post-soulja boy crank moves and press it to vinyl faster than anyone in A-Town (the only other Crank 12" I've seen is 3rd Flo's "The Heizman"), though Crank's roots may lie more firmly in the digital county of Youtube than some GA neighborhood. Either way, I'm happy to have happened across this lone example of Juke-Crank cross-pollination, and am taking this opportunity to open up this blog's doors to the club purism branches of the ghetto rap family tree.

A cappella and instrumentals only of the POB original for those inspired enough to make their own club bangers. I'm holding out on the full so as not to step between CG & Lil Action and their Itunes grind though I admit the vinyl pop ads a much needed warmth to the 808-via-Fruity Loops budget production. These two do move beyond a straight jacking of ATL style, adding a little Chi-town rapid-fire flare and enough vocal cutting to imply some ghetto house influence.

The Slugo joint is the fully, though that depends on how you look at it since listed track B3, Telegraph, is curiously absent. It looks more and more like Detroit/Chicago/Baltimore club musics are fixed to exert the kind of life-blood influence on mainstream rap that Bounce had on Buck music, or Freestyle or Italo or something had on Bass. You can and should cop a handful of Slugo Juke mixes, artist direct, here and anyone who hasn't should watch this short doc on Ghetto House feat. DJ Funk, Waxmaster, DJ Deeon, Rated X, Jammin Gerald and Ray Barney.


Anonymous said...

The Cousin Cole remix of "Crank that Soulja Boy"?

Anonymous said...

whats the password to encrypt?

Todd said...

Hell yeah, I had a .mov of that documentary hidden on my parents computer and I would watch it when I was sure no one was going to be home.