Oh Laaaarrd!

Gotti Boi Chris presents Bounce Down 2 (2005, Blackhouse) @ 320 kbps

First off, its in no way part of this blog's mission to knock anyone's grind. All shit uploaded is intended to be out of your consumptive reach and only available in ways that don't directly benefit the artists. If anyone shouts out otherwise, link will be down ASAP. That said, hope like hell today's featured artist makes his way (or make their way) to a national audience by way of some decent distro.

Whats happened to Bounce in the new century? Most notably its gotten faster. A lot faster. More saturated too. This stuff in particular is syncopated like Balinese monkey chanting. If the genre has been known in the past for its narrow sampling, Bounce Down 2 shows an expanded palette. Not to say that its deviated from its roots, if anything "Drag Rap" is even more present in these tracks. There's just a whole lot more going on. Some hard as fuck female MCs on here too.

It's possible that NOLA Bounce has only been able to move forward as a tradition because it's never directly penetrated the mainstream (despite its constant influence). In that sense, maybe its alright if this shit keeps moving forward. Lookout for a weirdly parodied Andre 3000.


Petter said...

this one def looks good, dl:ing right now, will get back when I´ve listened to it

Petter said...

bumpin this right now, lovin it. The females really shine on this

Ryan said...

where is the first half of this (tracks 1 - 12)?

kid slizzard said...

the other hyperlink, leftwards