Cowbell Splatter Pattern

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DJ Kid Slizzard presents
Psycho Sounds: Murderbells of Mempho
Da Mixtape

Made this months ago but have sitting on it meaning to write, slowed down by fatherhood. The 6th and most involved Twankle & Glisten mixtape. Internet revisionism, a made-up genre. If Second Line is celebratory funeral music, this is its mirror: hypnotic swirls of robot cowbell to premeditate murder to. I've layered the tracks, added echo and samples. A lot of inbetween moments put to use here: outros, intros, roll calls, interludes, instrumentals, as though cowbell cuts are emergent phenomena like sidewalk weeds that sprout up naturally in the cracks between songs when the conditions are goldilocks. These tracks range from slow to very slow, excepting only some double time shit like the Alkatraz Ridaz cut, which is the mix's only professional seeming production and incidentally one of its most intricate cowbell loops.

Intro - North Memphis Playas Click / Ima Hoe - Kilo G / Comin For Yo Ass - Shawty Pimp / Street Type Nigga - Tommy Wright / Pushin Powda - DJ Tommy Wright feat. Shawty Pimp & MC Spade / Intro - DJ Pinky / Bitches Ain't Shit - DJ Squeeky / Outro - Outlaw / Tha Funeral - Kilo G feat. DJ Zril & DJ Squeeky / In the House - DJ Spanish Fly / Smokin Onion remix - DJ Spanish Fly / Talk Ya Ass Off - Triple 6

MC Mack - Let's Make a Stain / Murder in the 1st Degree - Princess Loko / Meet Yo Maker - Tommy Wright feat. Tiptoe / Planet Full of Pimps - Big Mar / Gauge Blast - Shawty Pimp / Binghampton NIggas - Lil Noid / Beat Down - Lord Infamous / Real Niggaz Don't Play - Alkatraz Ridaz / Cement Shoes - DJ Spanish Fly / I wish You Would - Red DOg / Ain't No Shame - Darkside Click / Instrumental - Carmike / More Shouts - DJ Ace


808 & Heads Break

Another post from the grave. I'm forced to wait for various things for various reasons and the effect this has had on a permanent sort of itching in me is the fueling of a desire to commence work on the 6th Twankle mixtape. Long slated to focus on women rappers from Memphis, I've shifted laterally and maxed the zoom (after various spread out dead end hunts for sources and sequences). The new binding theme for the new mix is the use of 808 cowbell tones in the 90s Memphis tape underground. I chose the instrumental doodle Carmike cut above as an example work for making its 808 CB melody so plain to the ear, but it's actually one of the more melodically / rhythmically tame lines from my current mix pool. Suggest cowbell cuts as comments if you know such cuts.

I can't help but compare the 808 as an instrument to the Indonesian Gamelan. The pure round boom of the 808 sub seems so much like the logical/technological purification of the gong, as if you could take raw wild gong and boil it and strain it and find that pure blue boom that's heard more in the chest cavity than the ears and meanwhile the alien overtones of the cowbell matching the feel of the saron, which when you play it you actually create a sort of analog mute group as one hand chases the other around to kill the linger of the ring. It's such a curious sound, the 808 cowbell, full of harmonics and sounding (and for the most part, functioning) nothing like its real world counterpart. The melodic lines on these Memphis cuts have clear hypnotic intent and I think that's something that emerges on account of that, that the fundamental pitch is to some extent implied, and the overtone power so huge. If you wanted to design an IRL instrument that sounded like a tuned set of 808 cowbells what would that look like? I imagine a xylophone you play from a very high chair and ornately shaped reverberant pipes that dangle below each wooden bar key.

The feeling of these tracks is ceremonial. Dark ceremonies. Murder, weedsmoke. I hate the genre name "Horrorcore", partly because who the fuck really calls it that anyways, but partly because it fails to, as a name, address the psychotropic effects of this music. It suggests that it is more relevant that the music is violent (which is easy to achieve) than it is that it's functionally psychedelic (which is special). A horror film can be thrilling because it actually scares you, but the appeal of violent music is in the atmosphere of detachment. In an early Juicy J track a melodic slice of a horror film's OST is captured, duplicated, reconfigured in suspension, folding and repeating but not resolving, situated instead in a bed of energy (percussion). A tension that is static, floating, not likely to resolve, is an alienation.


THE REUP: Where is Where They At at?

DJ Kid Slizzard presents Where They At? NOLA Bounce Rap

I forgot that there was also this one! Another nonstop mix of 37 or so older variations on the Triggaman theme loosely sequenced in a way that should illuminate its constituent parts e.g. "feel like funkin it up" traveling like a virus among hosts across time.



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Gena Cide


Everything Must Go!


I'm writing today to announce that a huge portion of the Twankle & Glisten library is for sale. I'm keeping all my records and tapes, but everything else - CDs, DVDs, Books & Murderdogs are available for you to purchase. I'm offering this right now for the very very cheap price of $2 per item with the qualification that you have to buy the whole package. My motivation, more than anything else, is to diminish the size of this terrifying hoard and selling these item by item is not going to help much with that. With 190 pieces, that brings the total to $380 and though you'll need to pay for the shipping as well I'll make sure to get the cheapest "media mail" rate available (unless you're overseas, but we can work that out too). Check the list of materials here.

I've seen one single Tommy Wright III disc in this collection sell for 300 dollars, so its not difficult to see how much of a steal this is. The time spent acquiring this stuff from stores in Atlanta, Detroit, Ann Arbor, San Francisco, New York and all sorts of other places via the worldwide web is worth something else in itself, but I don't care to think about that too deeply! Even aside from the impracticality of selling this off piece by piece, I like the thought of it staying together even if under someone else's roof. Taken as a whole, this media mountain has a lot to say that hasn't been said.

The site is done for the most part as well, but its been that way for a while, more or less. I will probably restrict future posting to more non-stop cassette mixes. Its been fun (well, kind of) but I've got other things to focus on. When I started T&G I was looking for an outlet for all my creative energy that didn't have an outlet or wasn't sure enough of itself to see itself through. But a lot of things have changed and I'm much less interested in the job of In-Exile Southern Rap Internet Librarian now.

Any Twankle readers interested in this purchase can email me (jib.kidder at gmail.com) before I open up the auction to other venues.


Bitch Get Off Me, Gotta Have Coughee

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DJ Kid Slizzard presents
For the Weed Smokers
Da Mixtape

A long time coming - this is the 5th and ultimate Twankle & Glisten cassettemix - 90 minutes of my favorite weed bangers disproportionately from Memphis but there's also a lot of West Coast classic junts in the bag. This is the tape in my pocket on a desert isle. If I never post here again its okay cuz I got this out my system.

My love of rap music and my preference for the rap music in this blog over the rap music not in this blog - comes from weed. When I was a teenager weed was like an iron and rap CD-Rs were like secret messages lemon juiced on paper. It seemed there was an evolutionary biology behind it, a perfect synchronicity. Rhythm'd tricks of sensation like smoke and mirrors, the non-linear flow of Mr. Show segues, samples that float like disaffected memories over a field of bass and slang - a drugged language...

Well, fuck. I can't explain it to you, you feel it or you don't.

I included a proper size jpeg in the zip so you can manufacture your own tape if you like (should fit exactly on a C-90). But I keep some of these around if you run into me IRL (sold at cost not profit) and the young burnouts of Gnar Tapes and Shit sometimes promise me they'll bake a batch.

But don't assume I agree with every statement on this tape. I, for one, would gladly split a bammer ounce with you. Where I grew up a "quarter" was a sensible name because it cost 25 dollars and if it wasn't moldy it was good enough for smoking. Boutique green has its merits but if for nothing other than nostalgia I could go for some weak, dry, seedy brick weed about now, junt after junt...

Mr. Pookie & Mr. Lucci - Roll Something / Odd Squad - Coughee / Al Kapone - Smoke One / 310 Hurricane - Skit / DJ Sir Swift - High, So High / Magnolia Crime Click - Smoke a Blunt / Tre-8 - Smoke Blunts / Lil Slim - Blunt After Blunt / Master P - I Got Dank / Ice Mike - Here Smoke This / Black Mystic - Blunts & Junts / Shawty Pimp & DJ Ace - High As Hell / 2-Nes - Light Green Weed / Mississippi Mafia - Roaches In My Ashtray / Gangsta Pat - I Wanna Smoke / Indo G & Lil Blunt - Let's Get Fucked Up / DJ Spanish Fly - Smokin Onion / Dre Dog - Chocolate Thai / Three Sides - I Wanna Smoke / Lil Gin - So High

RBL Posse - Bammer Weed / ESG - Smoke On / Guice - Fire It Up / Mac Dre - I Need A Eighth / Success-N-Effect - Roll It Up My Nigga / Dre Dog - Smoke Drugs & Rap / Playalistic Posse - Smokin Weed / Triple 6 - Pass That Junt / DJ Paul - Smoke A Sack / Legendary Lady J - Chronic Dope / Gangsta Boo - Smoke One / 8ball & MJG - Smokin Chicken / Lokee - Weed FIends / UNLV - Step It Up / Devin the Dude - We Get High / Harlem Underground - Cheeba Cheeba / Lil Gin - Shake Junt


The Gangstas & the Pussy Poppers


Ice Mike Hey P-Poppers
(????, White Lable) @ 320

Does anyone know what full-length this comes from? Ice Mike's discography is an elusive thing, let alone a full list of his production creds. I think nearly everything I have posted from New Orleans recently had at least one Mike cut on it. Bonus junt "Make Em Jiggle" is a hilite, and the "Ghetto" instrumental has all the sympathetic vocal tracks in tact which makes for weird listen.



2 tracks from Big Mike's "Hard 2 Hit" (1999) borrowed from here. I'm posting both mostly for their full-band lush funk arrangements. "Claimin Real" sounds like a prototype for that unreleased 6-Two collabo mystery wet-dream.

I recommend changing the setting from 360p to 480p for a significant sound quality upgrade, I don't know why you can't default that shit, but right now you can't.


Put Out the Fire


Sporty T Chromed Out
(1997, Ruff Era) @ 320

Wow, imagine a time when Lil Wayne had a small head. This one is heavy on Hot Boys disses which, without any actual information, I would attribute either to the similarity of group names (Hot Boys vs. Wet Boys) or to the jealousy of watching your former music partner rise up high and past you. I'll be making it a habit of upping a single representative track from every full-length I offer because the internet is getting so big and so is the headache it's giving me. Can you imagine having to show ID to ride around these highways? My favorite from this full-length is "What Kind of Playa", definitely the heaviest bounce/chant junt on here though the electro/old school influenced "If We Got Beef" (produced by Ice Mike) is a close contestant (I mean in the contest of My Favorite Track, not Heaviest Bounce/Chant Junt) and probably a more unusual track, all things considered.

Speaking of "All Things Considered", thank god Treme is over. It was way too much like music features on NPR, which can suck the life out of anything.

Boom Worship


Nemesis Temple of Boom
(1993, Profile) @ 320

The gap between this post and the previous is longer than any other in T&G history. Its easier and easier for me to see how someone falls off from doing a charity share like this. Its good news in a way, it signals me doing more rewarding things with my own music instead of archiving the past. I'm an unqualified historian but an excellent organizer. I should work at the post office.

The physical object behind today's datashare comes from a far-off place - I bought this Nemesis CD from an antiques street market in Jakarta, Indonesia's capital, for 30,000Rp. Don't worry, its not much money. I didn't see a lot of other American rap music for sale but either bootleggs or legit int'l cassettes of Banned in the USA were on display in every record store I went to. Oh and to clear up an old T&G question - there is a lot of weed grown in the country, but in concentrated places and elsewhere people don't smoke nothin but cloves. It seems the military is behind the operation and they will cut off your head if you interfere.

Glad I found this, though, because my DL'd vers. skipped during "Go Ron C". Since so often this blog is like the Triggaman Where's Waldo I should point out the bells in the title track and I always do this but what is the sample on "Hard from Birth" that is also in Al Kapone's "For the Low-Low"? Btw, thanks for the youtube DJFUGANO!


Hard and Cool as the Fuck


Ruthless Juveniles Hard as Tha' F**k II
(1995, Mobo) cassette -> 320 kbps

The bloody pacifier. Raised on blood or mouths just oozing it. Part infant, part wolf. A pack of predator children at war - cruel, merciless, cool. An uzi, a tec in a bloody crib. Toddlers smoking tricycle blunts. The singular production of Death: orderly restraint, smooth sampling, thoughtful panning. Eerie West Bank funk, hard as the fuck.



In the process of making the next T&G cassettemix - For the Weed Smokers, and for the first time noticed this sample. Reminds me of Cee-Lo's Primus sample.