DJ Kid Slizzard presents Mystic Pimpin: Three 6 Breaks
DJ Kid Slizzard presents Get Buck Funk
DJ Kid Slizzard presents Ike Moods
DJ Kid Slizzard presents For the Weedsmokers

It's been a minute. I'm looking at the T&G Going Out Of Business pile and wondering why I didn't at least hold on to the Murderdogs. Or rather why I didn't scan the Murderdogs. But that would be because I didn't have a scanner. I didn't have dinner money either so how sensible is regret. 

Strangers meet me and remember this blog fondly. I remember drinking $2 Out The Door Coors in my shitty San Francisco apartment wearing a hospital food service uniform and taking pics of rare cassette covers with a subpar Cannon, warp-straightening the pics on photoshop, listening to 99 cent cassettes on repeat like speed-dating for the man looking to marry the perfect underappreciated tape. I remember managing my Rapidshare points to ensure my premium account would be sustained without payment. I remember browsing Ebay like it was the Washington Post. 

Who knew somewhere in New Zealand Kim Dotcom was getting a blowjob financed by millions of people like us clicking through sites like this. A blog links the wrong link and gets kidnapped. I google "carmike comin out yo ass blogspot" and access the cached version. I google-translate Russian forums and download Memphis mixes released thru Myspace by teenagers in Wyoming. Avatars battle for authenticity. This poster is a Real OG. He posted 3007 posts. He lives in Germany and paid €350 for "On the Run". New dance crazes seemingly released straight to limewire.  Middle-aged bucktooth dude from Craigslist carts off 6000 alphabetized CD-Rs via bike and rope-attached Radio Flyer. If you value your time at minimum wage what kind of job is hunting b-bins for Southern Rap? How did Tommy Wright pull off creating yet another Ebay store? He must have a lot of email accounts now.  I'm checkin the Myspace pics of the guy who did his cover art. Some are glitter Christian gifs. You know, like, Christ's blinging pink cross to die on. 

Why blog? I only learned recently the specifics of a monetized Youtube account. Cause is so detached from Effect these days. What to do with accumulated enthusiasm. A short lapse and then still things are quite different now. Big Freedia's touring career, mainstream music blogs posting 90s Memphis mixes. As a musician I want the actually good music to reach an audience instead of what is celebrated. But then I see what people actually do with music, which is almost anything but listen closely to it. Culture as ephemeral cosmetics. 

Can u plz reup? For the most part I will do you a favor and not re-up. Because for the most part you are going to download it after which it immediately becomes banal. So, instead, savor the mystery. I wonder how rapidshare blogs affected Amazon resale rates. Are obsessives better courted by the taken down link, the pic that never had a link in the first place, or the title from a collection list whose image was as hidden as its sounds?

These four mixes are, in my opinion, the true contribution of this blog. That Twankle will still show up as a top result for searches related to its covered artists is, well, disappointing. Because I don't really know anything about this shit other than my own perverse aesthetic ideals and those basic, often questionable, facts absorbed secondarily thru the pursuit of them. That anyone would regard me as an expert reveals the absence of true experts. Or at least the absence of computers in their laps in combination with a will to tell.  But these mixes, surely of value since years later I can listen to them and enjoy them more than just about anything. Despite my valuing creation over curation, with the former you make a possibly beautiful thing you never want to see again and, to the extent that it has a life out in the world, will be generally misinterpretted. With the latter there is the potential to bump it forever sans diminishing returns. 


#1cocainebluntsfan said...

man i miss blogzz. u still tha man homie..thnx

Anonymous said...

amazing post

Anonymous said...

dope shit mayne

SergDun said...

I thought I had lost that Get Buck Funk mix for good. Thank you for this, your mixes still get plenty of burn over here.

Honestly I miss this shit out of this blog, especially now when it seems like most rap blogs are about posting who has the coolest hat.

zhao said...

hope you good bro and your new endeavors big successes.

B-Bart said...

Good post! You are very right...
In the mp3 world he who has the most money to spend on the most obscure cd/tape ever is regarded OG... what kind of BS is that? Are you even a record collector?. And then they love posting the cover and saying they have it but they do not want to share. OK, I admit, you paid for it, but then you can also buy it for yourself and keep your mouth shut instead of bragging about just to get some attention on the internet ^^
Another funny thing is that most of these obscure cd's didn't sell for shit because they just weren't any good. It's just the fact that they are rare that makes them expensive. "do you have rare?, do you have rare?" or "rare for rar", that's what you come across. You're right, they're not interested in the music: only the "rare", and the 5 minutes of internet "fame" because they have "a rare". Peace!

supah said...

DJ Kid Slizzard will now be known as:

DJ Force Dollar

Anonymous said...

eh, at least we still have landofgfunk